Trusted Conveyor Belt Repair in Western Canada: We Provide Hot Vulcanized Splicing

Hot vulcanized splicing is a worldwide preferred method of joining belt ends to create a strong, flexible and durable seam. For hot vulcanized splicing and trusted conveyor belt repairs across Western Canada, contact A-1 Quality Belting. Properly done, hot splices are strong and resilient and are the same thickness as the belt. This allows scrapers to clean the carrying surface of the belt properly which helps prevent material carry back and reduces cleanup issues around conveyors. Hot splicing done correctly with attention to detail by experienced splicing crews is the lowest overall cost joining system over the life of the belt.

Please feel free to contact us for more explanation on hot splicing for your conveyor needs. We’re here to preserve the integrity of your equipment to help keep your business on track. For regular servicing or emergency requests, give us a call.

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